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How it Works

Noel Decor is happy to be your one-stop shop for all your Christmas needs. We have a few options for you.

FREE DECOR CONSULTATION: If you love DIY and just need a place to start or some design tips, feel free to schedule a FREE call and meet with one of our designers. They will be able to help you with color, ornament count, sizing, etc! We can help you curate a beautiful Christmas with items from our holiday collection.

DESIGN SERVICES: If you would like Noel Decor to come in and provide a full-service holiday decor installation, we can do that too. We have a minimum of $3,000 for our services. We have designers across the US who can come in, provide and set up the decor, and take it down when the holidays are over.

OUR DECOR SPECIALTIES: Christmas Trees, Mantles, Banisters, Porch, and Tabletop Decor. We would love to discuss your project in detail and go over the colors and areas you would like us to decorate. 

How to prepare for the call

Take MeAsurements

Measure the spaces you would like to have us decorate. How big is your banister? How wide is your mantle etc! We can help if you have questions with this.

Pick Your Decor Colors

Take a look at our lookbook and pick the colors you would like. If you dont see the palette that you want, we can customize to your needs.


Email us before hand with any questions! support@noeldecor.com

Pick your Color Palette


Red, White, Gold

Silver Ice

Silver, White, Clear


Traditional red and green with pops of blue plaid


Gold, Clear, White, Pops of Black


Pink, Cranberry, Green, Mint, Emerald

Emerald Forest

Emerald Green, Light Green, White

Candy Cane Lane

Traditional Red & White

Happy Forest

Blue, Green, Red, Clear

Splash of Chartreuse

Chartreuse, Shades of Green, Gold, Clear

How to Prepare for the virtual Call

1. Have an idea of what spaces you want to have decorated, BONUS if you have measurements!

2. Pick your color palette from the image above. If you dont see the colors you want, we can create something that works for you!

3. Come with any questions. We would be happy to answer any questions before the call too. Just email support@noeldecor.com

4. We will get you on our schedule! Then you can enjoy your decor all season long!

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