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Noel Decor is a Mother/daughter business that evolved as a matter of necessity over the course of decades of a love of celebrating Christmas, creating a warm and inviting ambiance and making gathering at Christmas time magical all season long. 

The love of adding sparkle to the Christmas season began naturally by being raised in a family that was, as far as we know, the original professional Christmas lighting company that started in the early 1990’s.  As the oldest of five girls in the Lyons’ family, Jaime would often accompany her dad as his sidekick, to check on lighting jobs, help ‘fluff’ lighted interior trees and eventually be his tiny assistant for one special client who needed help adding hundreds of specialized ornaments on her interior Christmas tree.  Over the years, this became a revered traditional that included the entire family.  All five daughters would accompany dad to decorate for these beloved clients, who provided a delightful display of snacks and treats and then left each of them with a beautifully packaged gift, thoughtfully chosen.  Add that magical experience to having a mother (Vallee) who was a self taught decorator, with access to unlimited Christmas inventory, and the girls grew up in a home that was covered from head to toe in lights, garland, wreaths, themed trees and stockings, all hung in a row.   

After college, Jaime went to work for her father for seven years managing lighting projects on a large scale that started to include more requests for interior decorating.  Finding interior decor items for the clients for such a short season was one of the biggest challenges.  Good quality products were hard to find and not readily available in much variety.  Jaime also recognized that many people want to do their own decorating, not only because of the high cost of hiring a professional, but because they know they could do it themselves, with good product options, just a little guidance and a lot of  inspiration. 

Thus, the beginning of Noel Decor, a natural evolution of a lifetime of Christmas decorating. Noel Decor provides a place that allows all levels of DIY individuals and professionals alike with a desire to decorate their own spaces with the spirit of the Holidays.  Jaime, in collaboration with Vallee and adding the talents of sister Karli, who is coming with background in graphic design, marketing and experience in interior decor, the family is committed to creating a whole new kind of experience in Christmas Decor that provides inspiration, instruction and thoughtfully chosen quality product to help you create your a magical place for your own Holiday gatherings. 

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